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Endpoint Security


new malicious program types
in Q1 2017

(Source: G DATA)

Due to the numerous malware variants that are detected daily, antivirus is still one of the fundaments of all IT security concepts. Signature based detection is still the most effective method to seek out viruss, Trojans and the like in networks. The modern G DATA Endpoint-Security solutions work additionally with intelligent mechanisms such as heuritics, behaviour analysis and exploit protection giving new malware and 0-day exploits no chance of success. Even more protection is offered by preventive measures such as the client side firewall and comprehensive patch management. While the firewall initially prevents unwanted access to your network, G DATA Patch Management assists you with the controlled distribution of patches to close security vulnerabilities.


Mobile Device Management


instances of new malware for Android in 2016.

(Source: G DATA)

Stay in control:The comprehensive G DATA Mobile Device Management assists you in implementing your company's BYOD strategy and to effectively manage the iOS and Android devices. Protect your Android devices reliably against malware, remotely delete sensitve data and use the possibilities of the individual permissions management to protect your company from unauthorized access.




Availability & Performance


This was the total sum of the damaged caused by computer crime in the last 2 years according to a self-assessment by the companies surveyed.

(Source: Bitkom, Wirtschaftsschutz in der digitalen Welt 2017)

of the companies surveyed admitted that, in the last two years, they were affected by the digital sabotage of information- and production systems or that company processes were or may have been affected.

(Source: Bitkom, Wirtschaftsschutz in der digitalen Welt 2017)

If IT is unavailable, it inevitably leads to big problems: Internally, employees require all systems to be able to work without interruption. Externally, business partners and customers rely on online shops, communication systems, APIs and other IT infrastructure. Server failures as well as ineptly scaled or defective hardware can cause economic damage just as quickly as an attack by malware or a hacker.



G DATA Network Monitoring is the ideal complement to your IT security, to guarantee the reliability and availability of your infrastructure. Keep an eye on what is happening in your network – and guarantee that basic business processses always function.



IT Compliance


of middle sized businesses view compliance structures, above all in the area of data protection, as essential.

(Source: Studie Ebner Stolz/F.A.Z.-Institut/Forsa 2016)

Companies that store and process personal data must adhere to strict regulations that determine how this data is protected and how it can be used and passed on. Any violation can be punished with heavy fines. The subject of IT compliance is therefore an extremely important question for every company.

G DATA software supports you in adhering to your compliance policies with e.g. comprehensive policy management, protection methods such as antispam with Outbreakshield, data entry and reporting possibilities as well as custom service offferings.


Server & Gateway Security


"One of the most common infection vectors of a system with malware are email attachments as well as the so called Drive-by-Downloads that occur unnoticed by the user when visiting an infected website."

(Source: BSI; Die Lage der IT-Sicherheit in Deutschland 2016)

To keep the damage to a minimum, the rule is: The faster malware is detected on the network the better. Do not wait to filter out malware on the endpoint but already do this at the server and gateway levels. All network traffic that passes through the mail servers, proxy servers or file servers can be checked at these points. Our server and gateway solutions also protect those endpoints in your network that do not have adequate software protection.




Reporting & IT Audits


An important trending theme in German companies is application portfolio rationalization – here the initial inventory is one of the biggest challenges.

(Source: Studien "IT-Trends" 2016 & 2017, capgemini)

Company networks quickly become obscure. Keeping an overview of the security status or carrying out an inventory of software implemented on clients is a challenge even for experienced administrators. G DATA assists you in keeping an overview of your network at any time by providing a clearly laid out Report Manager as well as a central management console.




Cloud Services


G DATA is a solution partner of Microsoft Cloud Germany. Our Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure combines the advantages of a managed security solution with guarenteed high availability and scalability. The sensitive data of our partners and customers are storedin German data centers under management of a German trustee. All aspects of German and European data protection are conformed to, to assist you in adhering to current compliance regulations.


All G DATA software solutions protect you with help of cloud based technologies immediately after the appearance of new threats from the Internet. Characteristics of harmful URLs or files are stored in der Cloud and compared to a visited website or downloaded files.


Our aim is to administer as many segments as possible via one central management interface - reaching across network sections. Additionally, we wanted to employ the same security solution on all security clusters in order to harmonize the administration and make it more comprehensible. G DATA has satisfied us with the Endpoint Protection Business.

Christoph Stegemann

Head of the IT Service Center at FMO airport Münster/Osnabrück Ltd

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